Karen McGarry

Self Portrait, 2015, collage on canvas, 3x3x1 inches



There is a place that exists outside our understanding but with enough feasibility to allow us to surrender logic and rationality for potential believability and play. My creative acumen stems from this place but extends to new, unknown places depending on where the work migrates within one's imagination: a suggested narrative, a pause in action, a moment that offers a trace of becoming.

Art and education are vital to my personal and professional practice. Sharing creative experiences with others fuels a desire to impact enriching teaching and learning environments. Studio practice links art-making with educational interests emphasizing process and discovery as a methodology for creative exploration. My goal is to make works that contribute an authentic and relevant voice within the dialogue of art through connected, considered, and innovative thinking, learning, and creative practices.



McGarry is a visual artist and educator recently relocated from the Los Angeles area to Cincinnati, OH. She earned an MFA and a Minor in Women’s Studies from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and earned a second Master’s degree, a MAAE, from the University of Cincinnati (UC), DAAP. McGarry teachers both secondary visual arts and humanities courses as well as higher education students in art education. Currently, she is an adjunct in art education at UC, Ohio.

Visit her website at www.kmcgarted.com for more information on her professional qualifications and experiences.


Location: First floor, Main Building