How to Buy Bullseye Glass at Brazee

Purchase Bullseye Glass at Brazee!

Brazee Street Studios has been a Bullseye Glass Resource Center for over 9 years! In February of 2019 we changed our glass selling structure.

You can purchase Bullseye Glass at Brazee in the following ways:

- GLASS SALES! Brazee offers Bi-Annual GLASS SALES in September + February. Place your orders in August and January to have all your glass shipped to Brazee. Save on shipping costs! Bullseye's standard volume discount applies and other specials available in house.
Email info@brazeestreetstudios.com to place your order. 

- In Class - Brazee offers glass materials for sale during all comprehensive workshops. Students can purchase glass they used in class, sheets and accessory glass of all kinds, and have access to our "back room" to shop anything we have in stock!

- GLASS For Sale at All Times:
     - Bullseye Glass Tekta Clear, 24''x24'' sheets 
     - Bullseye glass rods are available at all times to Frequent Flamer customers.
     - RAW BAR - shop our bins of scrap by the pound at all times. 

Brazee is still open!!! We are adding new classes like crazy! Brazee and Bullseye are still partners and Bullseye supplies glass for ALL Brazee workshops, visiting artists, GLASSROOM, and more! 


Monday: by appointment
Tuesday: by appointment
Wednesday: by appointment
Thursday: 1pm - 8pm
Friday: 10am - 4pm
Saturday: 10am - 4pm
Sunday: closed